Episode 11: Hurricane Isaac, Venezuela Disaster, Social Media Censorship in India and More

More hot topics and breaking crises to explore and analyze in Episode 11 (August 29, 2012) of The Crisis Show – plus we let you know about some upcoming guests. Check it all out here!

Show list

  • FEMA, Governors of Lousiana & Mississippi for their preparation for and response to Hurricane Isaac (#CrisisWin)
  • Venezuela Refinery Fire
  • Nike and Lebron James X Sneakers
  • India and Social Media Censorship
  • United Airlines Computer Malfunction
  • Quebec Separatists vs. The Rest of Canada
  • Recall of the week: Indiana cantaloupe company now identified
  • Shooting at Empire State Building and Citizen Journalism

Watch the full episode here

Additional links mentioned in the show

Hurricane Issac – Our #CrisisWin of the week!
Excellent Crisis Communications Via Social Media: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Facebook
Entergy Storm Center

Regarding natural disasters, check out this TED Talk on how to step up in the face of disaster:

Venezuela Refinery Fire
Statement by PDVSA

Nike and Lebron X Sneakers
Nike/National Urban League - Video Interview 

Chamberlain Farms – Our Recall of the week
A great example of showing real sympathy in a time of crisis 

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Crisis Show!

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One thought on “Episode 11: Hurricane Isaac, Venezuela Disaster, Social Media Censorship in India and More”

  1. Suject: Nike 350$ shoes. Not Crisis, not really an attack but a minority that gives itself free publicity thru this what I qualify as a Nike Free Raid

    Suject Air line and Salmonela: Like it was mentionned, one needs to understand the mechanisms in place to prevent crisis ie: Event Monitoring, Pro-activity and Escalation of Incidents and Major incident Management before it reaches crisis criteria… most crisis have already pro-actively managed to the best media-impact financial cost ratio…

    Suject Quebec Separatist: Why road construction cost more in Quebec than other provinces; Why our bridges fall and kill autombilist and why most “Quebecois” will shop at Wallmart intead of “chez Ti-Jean” because it is cheaper and why we throw away massive amount of recyclable material. Can a group that has a hard time responsively taking care of themselves seperate… this is the real crises.

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