Episode 12: Workplace Violence at Pathmark, Quebec Shooting After Marois Election, Apple & More

Hot crisis topics from Episode 12 of The Crisis Show that aired on September 5, 2012

This week’s show list:

  • Shooting at PQ Montreal Victory Rally
  • Workplace Violence: Pathmark Shooting in New Jersey
  • Tsunami warnings follow earthquakes in Phillipines & Costa Rica
  • Sears Crisis War Room For Isaac (#CrisisWin)
  • Progressive Insurance: PR problem, social media problem
  • Recall of the week: Hyundai
  • Apple UDID’s Reportedly Leaked

Watch the full episode here!

Please note: There’s a 35-second gap in this broadcast that starts at the 7:12 mark in our segment on the shooting in Montreal that was due to Google Hangouts On Air servers. We’re sorry that happened and the co-hosts continually alert Google to this problem with this new technology.

Additional links mentioned in the show

PQ Victory Rally Shooting
CTV News Report

West Nile
Co-host, Jonathan Bernstein wrote a great post on the phenomenal job CDC is doing to prepare and protect citizens from West Nile. Read Jonathan’s post here.

Some crisis links worth noting
Food recall – U.S.
Food recall – Canada

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Special Guest: Next week we will be joined by guest Jane Jordan-Meier.

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For more information about the co-hosts:
Jonathan Bernstein at Bernstein Crisis Management
Melissa Agnes Social Media Crisis Expert
Rich Klein at LawFirmsPR

One thought on “Episode 12: Workplace Violence at Pathmark, Quebec Shooting After Marois Election, Apple & More”

  1. Good show,

    Ref: Poline Marois event: We can keep the analysis of these apparently isolated events expected to becore a trend: Citizens are getting iritated by the real CPI 5%, financial crash expected to hit us in 2015 and decrease in quality of education = Hungry citzens less informed are eazier recruite in different activist movement… including apparent para-military mouvement attempting to rise in Quebec.

    Here I am worried about that solution to such crisis will be more oppressive laws, further lost of freedom and crimilazation of strong minded citizens

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