Disaster Response After Tragedies in Quebec, San Francisco – Episode 45 of The Crisis Show

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Episode #45 of The Crisis Show, recorded July 10, 2013, explored recent transportation tragedies in North America: the train derailment in a Quebec town, the plane crash at San Francisco's airport and a small plane crash in Alaska. Host Rich Klein (NYC) was joined by Mike McKenna, president of TEAM Solutions (Fort Worth, TX). 


Links related to this episode:

Press statement by Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway (Sunday, July 7)

Confusing public statements by Ed Burkhardt, chair of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway at 1st news briefing in Montreal (Montreal Gazette)

Timeline of events in Lac-Megantic (Montreal Gazette)

Major rail accidents in North America (Reuters)

Support Lac Megantic page on Facebook

Latest media statement issued by Asiana Airlines regarding plane crash in San Francisco

Bow by Asiana Airlines CEO as part of apology demonstrates Korean corporate culture (The Washington Post)

Asiana Airlines flight attendants hailed as heroes (CNN)

Story about deaths of two South Carolina families killed in Alaska plane crash (CNN)

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