Does CVS Bold Announcement Mean Crisis For Competitors Like Walgreens?

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Episode #62 of The Crisis Show, which aired February 5, 2014, was an analysis of the announcement made by CVS that it will no longer sell cigarettes and tobacco products -- and how that puts its competitors in crisis mode.  Host Rich Klein of Rich Klein Crisis Management in New York was solo commentator. 



Links related to this episode:

CVS website page devoted to announcement

CVS page on Facebook

Chicago Tribune story on announcement, pressure on others

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2 thoughts on “Does CVS Bold Announcement Mean Crisis For Competitors Like Walgreens?”

  1. Rich,
    Thank you for all that you do……
    What happended to Crisses Communications Network posts. Are they still up somewhere?
    Thank you.
    Jim Onder, Ph.D.
    (301) 367-7023

    1. Jim – Thanks so much for writing. The Network that was on for a few years was free. Once they started charging a ridiculous fee for it, I dropped out, particularly because Google+ does a much better job anyway. Having said that, I will drop you an email because we have a few thriving crisis communities on Google+, a much better interface than Ning. I’d also love to have you as a guest on the show so will be in touch soon. Thanks again!

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