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GOP Presidential Debate Preview on The Crisis Show

Episode 107, which aired September 16, analyzed the GOP prime time presidential debate right before CNN aired it live. Panelists Shel Holtz, Greg Brooks and Tripp Frochlichstein talked with host Rich Klein about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates ‘ communication skills and reputations. The show wrapped with a brief discussion of Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders.

President Obama, Paris March and Public Opinion: Episode 90 of The Crisis Show

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Episode #90 of The Crisis Show, which aired January 14, 2015, was a discussion about President Obama's absence from the Paris march in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in France a few days earlier.  Host Rich Klein (NY) was joined by Shel Holtz (CA) and Greg W. Brooks (NV).

Links related to this episode:

White House press briefing about President not attending Paris march


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