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President Obama, Paris March and Public Opinion: Episode 90 of The Crisis Show

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Episode #90 of The Crisis Show, which aired January 14, 2015, was a discussion about President Obama's absence from the Paris march in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in France a few days earlier.  Host Rich Klein (NY) was joined by Shel Holtz (CA) and Greg W. Brooks (NV).

Links related to this episode:

White House press briefing about President not attending Paris march


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KFC, Delta Airlines Social Media Snafus Plus Redskins Lose Trademark

Watch Episode #75 of The Crisis Show right here at 2:30 pm Pacific on June 18, 2014. Or anytime after that on tape.

Rich Klein (NY) and Shel Holtz (CA) talk about Kentucky Fried Chicken, Delta Airlines and the Washington Redskins.

Carnival Cruise, Poland Spring, Burger King Highlight The Crisis Show #28

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Episode #28 of The Crisis Show, which aired on February 20, 2013, analyzed Carnival Cruise Line's crisis, a missed PR/social media opportunity by Poland Spring, the hacking of Burger King's Twitter account and TD Bank's creative use of social media.

Host Rich Klein was joined by Shel Holtz, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology.

Links related to this episode:

Carnival Cruise Line website
Facebook page for Carnival Cruise Line
Twitter feed for Carnival Cruise Line
Video Case Study of Carnival Cruise Crisis by Rich Klein (February 11, 2013)
Please also check out a great thread about Carnival on LinkedIn, inside the Crisis Communication group.
Class Action suit filed by Triumph passengers (CNN)
Video of Marco Rubio's Poland Spring break (WSJ Digital)
Poland Spring Blows Rubio #watergate moment (CNET)
Story about Burger King getting hacked (The Huffington Post)
Burger King gains Twitter followers after hack (Slate)
Burger King website
Facebook page of Burger King
Twitter page of Burger King
TD Bank's creative use of social media (Advertising Age)

For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report
Rich Klein Crisis Blog

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Episode 8 – Website hackings, Standard Chartered Bank, Oil Spills and More

This week on The Crisis Show we had a special guest, Shel Holtz, join us to discuss an eloquent letter he wrote to Rachel Maddow after she attacked the crisis management profession.

Other topics for the August 8, 2012 episode included:

  • Standard Chartered Bank in bed with Iran
  • Embridge oil spill and Chevron refinery fire
  • Hacked accounts: Mat Honan, Apple, Reuters and Major League Baseball
  • Recalls of the week: Gills Onions and Garden Fresh Foods
  • #CrisisFail of the week: The White House removing stories from major blogs and news websites
  • Discussion with Shel Holtz on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s ill-advised comments about crisis management professionals
  • Crisis Tips of the Week

Watch the replay of The Crisis Show here:

Additional links worth your time:

An excellent example of crisis management done right via social media
Chevron Facebook
Chevron Twitter
Chevron Website

This is a must-read article by Mat Honan on how easy it was for hackers to gain access to many of his accounts and completely wipe out his MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

An Open Letter to Rachel Maddow
Another must-read by Shel Holtz 

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