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DuPont CEO Not Visible In Aftermath of Texas Chemical Plant Tragedy

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Host Rich Klein was solo for Episode #87 of The Crisis Show (recorded November 20th, 2014) and discussed the absence of DuPont's CEO in the aftermath of a deadly accident in Texas.


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Tornado Strike in Oklahoma: Emergency Management & Communications

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Episode #40 of The Crisis Show, which aired Tuesday, May 21, 2013, discussed emergency management / crisis communications issues pegged to the tragic tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma a day earlier.

Host Rich Klein was joined by Mark Basnight, Public Information Officer for the Charlotte, NC Fire Department and Mike McKenna, founder/president of Team Solutions in Texas.

Note: If you would like to donate to help the victims in Oklahoma, please text 90999 to “REDCROSS” or call 1-800- RED-CROSS.



Links related to this episode:

Update on search and rescue operations (May 22, 2013, via CBS News)

Initial news conference led by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (May 20, 2013)

Facebook page of Oklahoma City Fire Department

Article in Daily Oklahoman on impact to businesses in Moore

News conference with FEMA Director Craig Fugate in Oklahoma (May 21, 2013)

How Can We Be Safe From Tornados? (Opinion piece on CNN.com)

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